How to Install Fallout 4 Script Extender

How to install fallout 4 script extender? Fallout 4 Extender Script is called FOSE or F4SE. This is a community that has Modder resources. The community can expand the capabilities of the Fallout 4 script. You need some current mods. If you already have two modifications, then you should use FOSE. The modification is Place Everywhere. You can build objects that you want in residential or other places. The place is the terrain and on the side of the wall. The second mod is called the achievement. This makes you achievable and uses Modder. Bethesda disabled the achievement for some strange reason. You certainly do not know the reason.

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problem installing fallout 4 script extender?

Small Warning

You should know that FOSE cannot support retail DVDs. You need to update your game to install the installer. It also does not support DVD Fallout 3. You must use Star force encryption for that type. The Fallout 3 version of the drive also does not get support from the installer. All you have to do is encrypt for Fallout 3. DVD Fallout 3 must use protection to copy Safe Disc from Fallout 3.

Downloading FOSE

You must login to the official link to download FOSE. You can choose the first option called current stable version.

Installing FOSE

Installing FOSE can be done easily but beginners who have never known modding will have difficulty. You will be confused while doing the installation. The first thing you can do is visit a site that provides installation for FOSE. You can use the installer and put the file in the right place automatically. You can download another archive when you are not sure you can run the file. If you select the installer, then you can go into setup and choose the directory for Fallout 4. You can save the file on disk C. If you choose a zip file, then you have to select all files that are inside the extension. You must move the file into the selected folder from your computer. You must remember that you need to update this extender when Bethesda updates Fallout 4. You must run the proper installer to use FOSE. The modification will not work when you do not choose the right installer. You only find two ways to install FOSE. The first way to use the installer and the second way using a zip file. You only need to choose one of these two ways.

The final step to install an extender is an easy task. You just need to create a shortcut from the installer. You can drag a shortcut to your desktop and give it a name that matches the installer. This step does look easy but you can have trouble installing FOSE. If you experience that, then you can go to the discussion forum. You can find many people discussing issues in FOSE installation. You can ask other users. You can definitely find the solution of your problem in the forum. This is an interesting thing from FOSE because users are discussing to help other users. The forum can help beginners in the modding world. That’s the explanation of how to install fallout 4 script extender.

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